Counselling and psychotherapy

  • Ever feel like you are totally alone and it would be good to have someone to talk to?
  • Does life feel meaningless?
  • Do your relationships feel empty or difficult?
  • Do you have nightmares?
  • Are you stressed by work, social situations or events that aren’t easy to talk about?

My counselling space offers a safe, confidential place to have a conversation with yourself and with me, to think about what is going on for you. My work combines psychotherapy with a practical use of psychoanalysis that can often help with symptoms such as migraines, sleeplessness, a general feeling of listlessness and lack of self confidence.

We can’t change the facts about what has happened to us but we can change our attitude towards them and, consequently, the control or effect they have on us. Recognizing patterns in our relationships and life events helps us understand and make different choices from those we have made before.

You may not have a specific event or problem in mind; you don’t have to come up with something interesting to say. The purpose here is to give you space to consider what might be going on for you, what can be done to help a given situation and what options you have.

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