Psychotherapy in a safe space

My work as a psychotherapist is based on the belief that we need reflection time with another person in a confidential safe space. From this space we can come up with solutions, explanations and understandings about ourselves in our lives.

I have always been interested in how we manage, contain or experience our internal histories and external situation. Our inner worlds play a part in the way we live our lives but our external world may impose unacceptable events on us that take thought as well as action to change.

Counselling and analytic psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a process that uses conversation to change and shift the way we experience and run our lives. We come to understand our situations and find new ways of dealing with them, and see other options that offer solutions to problems, or ways forward that we were not aware of. I offer counseling and psychotherapy – the latter usually includes meeting twice or more times a week, the former once a week. We usually need to take some time and discussion to see which is right for you.

Meetings take place in central Edinburgh, not far from the train and bus stations.

Movement and drawing

I believe that our creativity can come into play to help us through particularly difficult times, so sometimes I introduce movement and drawing to take our work forward.